Q&A #10: Collectible Surplus Guns and Dumb US Decisions



Unfortunately, this video cuts off at about 40 minutes here on Full30. For the full version, you will need to watch the YouTube copy here: https://youtu.be/wrx8Ar6bWOw . Sorry!

That being said, we do have some great questions this time around. Specifically:

0:25 - Gain twist rifling, description and application 5:40 - The 6.5mm Arisaka compared to modern 6.5mm cartridges 7:44 - US abandonment of the M1917 Enfield in favor of the 1903 Springfield after WW1 12:02 - Guns I am hyped to get my hands on 14:00 - Guns I have bid on or won at James Julia and Rock Island 15:14 - Would Stoner still use gas impingement today? 20:10 - Modernization of the BAR 23:43 - How & why of military firearms surplus and US dealers thereof 35:46 - What to look for in collectible firearms 38:36 - Camera operators and other FW assistants 39:57 - What killed the rimmed and/or rimfire cartridge 42:00 - Binary trigger systems 44:08 - Rotating barrel pistols today? 45:20 - My biggest surprise opportunity 46:27 - Cooper's Scout Rifle concept 49:32 - Shooting matching numbered guns 52:36 - Will I be covering more early firearms? 54:40 - Why French arms got a bad reputation 1:00:19 - The L85A2, and its potential availability in the US 1:04:02 - On-location footage from battlefields and such

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    • Uploaded: 05/16/2017