Lee Breech Lock Hand Press: Mini Reloading press



For a while I was looking for a way to keep reloading without having to use my large press that was in storage, and then I stumbled onto something magnificent. Enter The Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press. It's small, but it can reload like a champ as long as you can muscle it. Pistol brass was no problem at all, and machine gun fired 308 through a Full Length die was a non-issue as well.

Find it on amazon for ~35$ https://www.amazon.com/Lee-Precision-Cast-Reloading-Press/dp/B000NOQIFO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492115890&sr=8-1&keywords=lee+hand+press

Disclaimer: Reload at your own risk. Just like shooting, reloading ammo has it's inherent risks and you should receive proper training before you reload ammo.

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    • Uploaded: 04/13/2017