HMG Q&A Session 4: HMG StG44 Mass Production runs begin!



We've been waiting for this information...and here it is.

The first production runs of the HMG StG4 is beginning and InRangeTV has the details. :)

00:30 Announcement: HMG begins initial mass production runs of StG44s! Discussion of mass production process. Mass production vs Individual Runs

29:00 Q&A Begins:

29:30 Cary W Karl and Ian; thank you again for setting this up w/Mac at HMG. Have the worked the kinks out for a STANAG 7.62x39 magazine?

Steve Z How long until the 50 round 300 Blackout mags are for sale?

33:14 James K Karl, I asked earlier and did not get a response - how heavy of 5.56 can I load into the StG-44 clone? What kind of pressure loadings can I use? Will they be able to stabilize 77gr OTM? I need to know really soon, I've got old ones at my door.... oh ** "Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!" BLAM BLAM BLAM

35:33 Ethan B Is there a possibility of railed front hand guards?

37:32 Alexandru I Are you going to manufacture a rail for a zf-4 scope? Maybe if you introduce it RS Regulate (and other) will come up with universal mounts for them

40:00 Gregory s Could you talk a little about the stocks mounts they look G3ish are the compatible? And the folding one, did the Germans ever have a folding stock for para troopers or something?

43:40 Miguel R Last talk they mentioned expanding the CETME-L line, are their any plans to begin making replacement/higher quality springs? I want to try out the build but am worried I am all out of fired 8mm Lebel cases!

46:00 General Discussion about CETME-L as a rifle.

53:30 Conclusion Talk about beta testing, testing guns, methods for ensuring quality control.

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    • Uploaded: 04/07/2017