2,500 Rounds, NO LUBE! No Joke! Anderson RF85 Rifle Torture Test



Can the Anderson AM-15 Rifle treated with RF85 really survive a high round count with ZERO lubrication? In this test, we shoot 2,490 rounds through this gun with no lubrication whatsoever—and that's on top of the previously fired 600 rounds (for a total of 3,090 rounds). How does it hold up? Watch to find out.

Thanks to Brandon from Modern Threat Response in A.F. Utah and Cr0cket20 http://yoututbe.com/cr0cket20 for their help with filming this. Special thanks to Anderson Manufacturing for donating the gun, Freedom Munitions for donating the ammo, Optics Planet for donating the optics, and Action Target for help on the pre-test. http://www.andersonrifles.com | http://www.freedommunitions.com | http://www.actiontarget.com | Optics Planet - Use code "TLBS" for 5% off your order: http://bit.ly/1T8eUB6

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    • Uploaded: 04/01/2017