ATRS Modern Hunter The Ugly Truth



The Alberta Tactical Modern Hunter seems like a promising Canadian Made non-restricted AR10 style rifle. It can come with all the bells and whistles that would make a SR25 blush.

After a quick zeroing session and some load development to see just how accurate I could get it I was almost embarrassed. With all the options I had chosen the rifle came in at over $4750.

The best I could manage was a grouping that made the SKS look like a precision rifle. To be sure it wasn't me or the reloads I was using I compared the rifle side by side to an Accuracy International AX .308.

The AI has a steeper price tag but is a proven reliable and very accurate rifle. The ATRS was plagued with stoppages and inaccuracies and even parts literally falling off. I had hoped to use this rifle for Precision rifle competition. That dream sadly has crashed through the floor.

To clarify ammo was loaded for the atrs not the other rifle as well both groupings the cold bore shot and any flyers were excluded. Reason for the exclusion was the extreme temperature was a factor for poi shift on the cold bore.

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    • Uploaded: 03/24/2017