EP.1 - Prepare your Mind for the Fight



EP.1 - Prepare your Mind for the Fight There have been piles of books written on the right types of weapons, shooting methods, fitness, legal considerations, and other self-defense related topics, but THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC of MINDSET is rarely discussed. This video series on 'Building Fighter Mindset' is Instructor John Lovell's attempt to cover some of the biggest areas of what comprises good fighter mindset and how to build such a mindset. This video and the videos following will include (but not be limited to) subcategories of mindset such as: being ready to die, being ready to kill, mastering your fear, physiological effects of fear, fighting for a higher purpose, what happens to you when you die and how theology is relevant to gunfighting, using rage to your advantage, thinking calmly amidst the chaos of a violent encounter, ridding yourself of despair or regret, and much more.

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Video Overview: While guns, firearm instruction, working out, martial arts, and all that good stuff is very important, none of it matters much if you do not have the right underlying fighter mindset. Mindset allows you to conquer fear, to see threats early, to rouse rage, to settle ethical questions before the fact, and to settle what is worth living and dying for. Without fighter mindset, your training and guns mean absolutely nothing. This video series is aimed at addressing these difficult underlying questions with practical wisdom. Fighter mindset seems to be one of those areas that fighters agree is critical, but then is never really discussed or trained openly.

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    • Uploaded: 03/22/2017