Brake, Comp, Silencer, or Flash Hider? +BONUS BLOOPER



Choosing the right muzzle device - flash hider, muzzle brake, compensator, or silencer with tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell.

During a Night Vision professional course by Telluric Group hosted at Tactical Response, we discussed which muzzle device is most advantageous for operating during hours of limited visibility. Some students had flash hiders, others had compensators or brakes, while other students rocked silencers (or suppressors or cans depending on which term you like). While there are advantages and disadvantages to each respective device, these devices are certainly not created equal in a low light or no light context.

Get a discount off Gemtech silencers at Telluric Group. It's what I like and use.


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    • Uploaded: 04/01/2017