War Stories with John - 'Swimming in the Tigris' - Episode 6



War Stories with John - 'Drowning in the Tigris' - Episode 6 Former Army Ranger and war veteran John Lovell tells a funny war story while randomly shooting targets at the same time. This is harder than it looks! This story takes us to Iraq on the Tigris river in support of the global war on terrorism (GWOT).

I'm running a Glock 17 with a Unity Tactical ATOM slide and Aimpoint T1 on a T.Rex Arms Orion war belt. On the war belt is the new Blue Force Gear micro medical kit, a CAT-T tourniquet, HSGI pistol and AR-15 tacos, a Safariland QLS and UBL, and a cobra belt. I'm shooting a Daniel Defense m4 carbine with a Blue Force Gear Vicker Sling, geissele trigger, Surefire Scout light, p-mags with magpod bases, an Aimpoint T1 red dot sight, and an ATPIAL-C infrared laser. I'm wearing a Velocity Systems Plate carrier with ceramic plates.

I am shooting 1 paper target, and 2 steel targets supplied by http://shootsteel.com and I'm shooting from 12-20 yards

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    • Uploaded: 03/12/2017