How to Shoot an AR-15 - M4 Carbine



How to Shoot an AR-15 / M4 Carbine with tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell.

In this video, I give some simple tips for beginners to properly mount an AR-15, or M4 carbine. This platform is good for other types of rifles like AK47s, or for shotguns as well. I begin with the rifle platform starting at the feet and working the way to the hips and shoulders before extending out into how we establish a proper grip and grip pressures. Understand that my context is gunfighting and not hunting or competitive shooting, so if I am not in perfect harmony with other instruction you adhere to, understand that in different contexts there is room for differences. Other topics in this video include: how a consistent shooting platform allows you to shoot quickly and accurately, problems with competing methods, and how our shooting platform works in harmony with natural movement.

I am wearing an HSGI war belt with HSGI tacos and a Cobra belt. I am carrying a Glock 17 pistol with an Aimpoint T1 on an ATOM slide by Unity Tactical complete with a sexy paint job. My body armor is held up by a Velocity Systems plate carrier and I am carrying a Daniel Defense M4A1 mil spec+ with a Surefire scout Light, Vickers Sling, ATPIAL IR laser, Magpull and Daniel Defense backup iron sights, an Aimpoint T1 red dot sight, and pmags with magpod bases.

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    • Uploaded: 03/12/2017