Initial Thoughts: Wikileaks CIA Vault7 Leak



This video is a monologue regarding some initial thoughts about the Wikileaks CIA Vault7 leak, just a day after it hit the mass media.

Obviously this is not directly gun related, but it was a requested video. If you see the InRange logo with the binary below it, that's a warning that's a techie info-sec discussion (for future reference).

At 5:10 in this video I say, verbatim:
"This is the CIA, this is their job, this is what they’re supposed to be doing…”

From that one line I've seen people insinuate that I believe that it's acceptable for the CIA, or any government agency, to merely spy unsolicited on every human being/US citizen on the planet. I neither said nor implied any such thing. In fact, I said quite the opposite later in the video, so please take the entire monologue in context.

This video is merely an explanation of the reality of the world we live in at this time by explaining the horrible status quo in regards to privacy and infosec. Nothing more.


    • Uploaded: 03/11/2017