Henry Original Rare Carbine: Vintage Fun



What we have to day is a blast from the past. We are going to have some fun with the Henry Original (This one is in Brass). It is a modern Carbine rendition of the Original Henry rifle chambered in .44-40 Winchester. This is also offered in a full rifle version that holds 13+1 Rounds. The full Rifle Version is also available in .45 Long Colt.

Originally designed in 1860, it was the gun said to "Load on Sunday, and shoot all week". Amazing technology for the era.

Info on .44-40 Winchester: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.44-40_Winchester

Learn More about the Henry Original: https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/the-original-henry-rare-carbine/

    • Uploaded: 03/07/2017