Savage MSR 15 Recon AR-15 Review



Savage MSR 15 Recon AR-15 Review New AR-15 Rifle from Savage Arms

Savage has been around for over 100 Years and making barrels and other parts for the AR-15 rifles. They have decided to offer their own version of America's most popular selling rifle. Big thanks to Rodney (NCHeel Channel on YouTube)

Savage MSR Rifles: https://www.savagearms.com/msr/

Federal Premium Ammo: https://www.federalpremium.com/

Bushnell 1-4x AR/223 Optic: http://bushnell.com/tactical/riflescopes/ar-optics/1-4x-24mm-throw-down-pcl

ShootSteel Targets: http://www.shootsteel.com/

RubberDummies: https://rubberdummies.com/

Foam Action Sports Rest: https://foamactionsports.com/

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    • Uploaded: 03/02/2017