Binary Trigger 3 Different Rifles



Shooting The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger (BFSIII) in 3 Different AR-15 Platform Rifles. Firing on Pull & Release in "Binary" Mode the BFSIII Trigger ($430) works almost like Full-Auto, is easy to install and flexible enough to install in milspec & non milspec AR-15 platform rifles. The Guns used in this video are the Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 (22lr rifle) Stag Arms Model 9T (9mm Carbine) and the Stag Arms Model 3T-M (223 Rifle) https://www.franklinarmory.com/collections/triggers/products/binary-firing-system-gen-iii-trigger-pack https://randclp.com/ https://www.swab-its.com/


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    • Uploaded: 02/26/2017