HMG Q&A Session 2: StG44 Magazines & more!



In session 2 of our HMG Q&A with Mac we delve into magazines as a primary topic, but touch on other bits as well.

Session 1 is here:

Basic timestamps of questions addressed in this 2nd session are below, but there's a lot of interesting meat and conversation between these questions so it's not recommended to skip around:

Carl (viewer)
I'm very interested in the magazines that mimic the STG-44 magazine appearence. With they be made in all calibers including 7.62x39mm? Will all guns come standard with replica magazines?

Why are the mags polymer?

Eric B
It is my understanding that the HMG STANAG magazine is designed to work with all four calibers. Clearly the 5.56mm and 300 Blackout should be pretty interchangeable. However, I would expect feed angles and the stacking of the rounds in the magazine to be different in 8mm Kurz and especially 7.62x39mm. What engineering went into assuring proper feeding with all four calibers?

What are the magazine capacities?

Clarification about seams on polymer mags - fused halves or seams during the over moulding process?

Difference between magazine design and manufacture in 1943 vs 2017?

StG44 magazine same one used in the MkB42? Were original mags good in the first place?

Why were the original mags so long?

Will HMG magazines fit in the STG44 mag pouches?

Ed G
Availability of a reverse side magazine release? (So the button would actually be located in approximately the same position as the original and could be easily reached by the thumb on the left hand coming up rather than needing to reach around the gun as a right handed shooter)

Can you use a 3rd party ambi-mag catch in the HMG StG44?

The HMG magazines will fit in other guns.

Thomas T
Are they going to add more detail to the stampings in the future? The ones on the area around the trigger group are just straight lines and that was the only thing that bothers me. It's purely aesthetic I know, but it sort of takes the immersion out of it.

Gregory S
on the topic of recreated firearms. What firearm of which there are no functional examples in existence would you like to see remade to original specs or close to?

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    • Uploaded: 02/17/2017