HMG Q&A Session 1: StG44 reproduction & more!



HMGunworks: https://www.hmgunworks.com/

We're launching a recurring Skype series with Mac of HMG Gunworks to provide status updates about their repro StG44 effort as well as to deep dive into the engineering, history and mechanics involved.

Basic timestamps of questions addressed in this session 1 are below, but there's a lot of interesting meat and conversation between these questions so it's not recommended to skip around:

Andrew C
1) What is the current estimated ship date?
2) What is the most likely reason that date will be missed?
3) What are you not already doing that could complete the STG-N before the heat death of the universe?
4) Why are you not doing those things?
5) Did the CA customers receive rifles before the Jan 1 ban?

Christopher M
I wonder if there were good drawings of the Stg44 or did they have to work off of samples to set up the original designs?

Colburn F
I'm also interested in how old firearms blue prints and part drawings are attained. Do you have to go to German museums or archives? Or do you have to buy all the parts and reverse engineer?

Arkasha N
Having studied the historical StG44 and engineered a near-clone, has your opinion of the StG44 changed over time? If so, how?

Jay Richner
-What was the biggest issue in the development? - Did they use 3d printers in the development phase or they use "real" metal parts directly? - Was it reverse engineered or did they have original blueprints?

Laurens W
Would it pass the mud test?

Why are we doing this series and what’s important about understanding the actual challenge of a project like this? How hard is it to reverse engineer lost technology and designs?

Recommendation of the book:
OTT-HELMUTH von LOSSNITZER, Technical Director of the Mauser Company, 1933–1945

Closing statements and conclusion

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    • Uploaded: 02/10/2017