Mannlicher Model 1894 Pistols



The Mannlicher Model 1894 was one of the first successful semiauto pistol designs, and used a very unusual blow forward action. Instead of having a moving slide, the bullet would actually pull the barrel forward when fired, cycling the action. The Model 1894 used a double action trigger and had a 5-round internal magazine fed by stripper clips. It was tested by several large militaries, but rejected by all of them.

The US trial report is particularly illuminating, noting that for all its technological leading-edge status, the gun was in practical terms no more useful than a revolver. The first ones were made in 7.8mm, with production changing to a slightly smaller frame and a straight-walled 6.5mm cartridge when it moved to Neuhausen, in Switzerland.

1908 Schwarzlose in Slow Motion: https://www.full30.com/video/40108c867c2989cefc60400588997b88


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    • Uploaded: 02/24/2017