Hudson MFG - A new name in American firearms



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We had an opportunity to get on the ground floor with what we believe is going to be a new household name in American firearms in the near future - Hudson Mfg.

Their new Hudson-9 pistol received a lot of hype at SHOT Show 2017, and after getting to fire it, we believe it is well earned.

The pistol itself is intriguing, but the story of its origins, goals, methods of design as well as their personal risk and sacrifice to make this happen is even more interesting.

Take a moment with us to sit down and chat with Cy and Lauren Hudson.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this opportunity as much as we did, and we are looking forward to their success in 2017!

Part 2 of this 2 part series will be a little more about the pistol itself.


    • Uploaded: 01/23/2017