Q&A - December 2016



We received a swath of questions from our Patreon supporters, so I did my best to get through as many as I could in this later-than-it-should-be-Q&A video. :)

Here's the list of addressed questions with time stamps if something specific interests you above the rest you can skip to that directly:

1:00 - Best modern reasonably priced DA/SA handgun? 3:45 - 2 gun match questions? 9:15 - Would it be possible to shoot 2gun or 3gun with a percussion revolver? 11:05 - Will suppressors be removed from the NFA? 13:55 - Old west vignette questions 20:20 - Luger spring replacement process? 21:10 - SU25 and Russian equipment durability? 24:55 - If you’re only going to have one handgun and one rifle, what cartridge should they be chambered in? 28:41 - Questions about information security and infosec learning? 32:25 - Serious guns vs fun guns? Training scars from competition shooting? 41:47 - Raffle off a prize to come shoot with InRangeTV? 42:13 - Best gun fun/competition firearm in restrictive states? 43:50 - How much of a disadvantage is it by not having full auto as a capability? 45:46 - Is there more VR content coming to InRange? 46:59 - Can you tell us about your work our regimen? Is it tailored to improve your 2gun performance? 51:05 - Are iron sights sufficient good enough for CQB or home defense? Should you just use a red dot? 53:04 - Patreon update, monthly give-a-ways coming!

A hearty thanks to all our supporters, and in particular, Patreons! You're keeping this project going!


    • Uploaded: 12/29/2016