Mud Test: CETME-L



HMG is selling the build kits via their website here: https://www.hmgunworks.com/product/hmg-cetme-l-builders-kit/

The CETME-L is a maligned Spanish military rifle that is a very close cousin to the HK33. The CETME firm decided to design and build their own roller delayed 5.56 rifle to replace the legacy CETME-C that was chambered in 308.

The CETME-L did not last long in Spanish service due to its many foibles and strange design choices. That said, we tested a Century Arms C308 G3/CETME variant in one of our mud tests and it performed above average.

How well will the CETME-L do?
Let's find out!

Hill & Mac Gunworks have brought this rifle back to life via Spanish parts kits here in the US. If you're interested what's involved in assembling a CETME-L, please view our build video series playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9u4Ts2NpEs4M6si6_1bh6dgRIX8n8oP

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    • Uploaded: 01/11/2017