The Colonel Blade! KISS Fighting Knife



The Colonel is a fighting knife designed by Al and Nico Salvitti to be effective without the need for specialized instruction or practice. It looks like a handgun in part because it’s designed around the draw and presentation of a handgun.

The knife is one piece of nitrocarburized N690 Cobalt steel with a 2 and three quarter inch edge and black G10 grip panels. The Kydex sheath uses a G-Code belt clip designed to push the Colonel closer to the body for better concealment. It has adjustable retention as well as two position adjustable ride height.

The Colonel is angled to leverage the shooting and punching skills gunfighters probably already have. A standard pistol grip gives you over 3 inches of reach past your fist without having to change anything about how you punch.

For more information, visit: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Colonel-Blade-Black-p/col-pro-blk.htm

    • Uploaded: 12/23/2016