Legal Full Auto? Franklin Armory BFSIII Binary Trigger is Close



Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Franklin Armory BFSIII Binary Trigger. Installs just like your Mil-Spec trigger but fires when you pull and again when you release. The next best thing to Full Auto without all the Paperwork and a mountain of cash. Gives you more to spend on ammo. Big thanks to Robbie Wheaton http://www.wheatonarms.com/

Franklin Armory: https://www.franklinarmory.com/

Freedom Munitions: https://www.freedommunitions.com/

Armalite M-15 Carbine: https://armalite.com/

Tunable Muzzle Brake: https://armalite.com/shop/m-15-tunable-competition-muzzle-brake/

3D Torso Targets: https://rubberdummies.com/

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    • Uploaded: 12/16/2016