AZ2G - AK74 & 4x ZFK vs M4/Holosun - Stage 1 - Obstacles!



AZ2G is a new match venue that has started at Cowtown, Peoria, AZ:

The DNA of this match is very similar to that of 2G-ACM, although with different scoring and divisions.

We used this new match as an opportunity to pit a AK74 with a East German 4x ZFK scope against an M4 with a Holosun HS503G & Vortex 3x magnifier against each other in competition.

The goals are to discuss the rifles as well as the optics using competition as the testing ground.

This 4 stage series will culminate in reviews of the Holosun & Vortex magnifier as well as the East German 4x ZFK.

Stage 1- Obstacles - Engage 2 mini-ipsc steel at 50 yards while navigating walls, tables and windows!

    • Uploaded: 12/21/2016