9mm Glock Challenge Throwback Gunsday



9mm Glock Challenge Throwback Gunsday: Hank Strange and Mr.YacYas Shoot it Out on the Hacienda's Steel Range in a Glock 9mm Pistol Showdown featuring the Glock G26 versus the G19 versus the G17 verses the G34...To see which one of these 9x19mm Parabellum Handguns they would choose if they could only choose one. Glock vs. Glock 9mm Shooting Challenge with Hank Strange & Mr.YacYas G26 G19 G17 G34 Throwback Thursdays are now "Throwback Gunsday's" and we're posting our most popular YouTube videos here on full30 so that real died in the wool gun folks can discover or rediscover The Hank Strange Situation. #throwbackgunsday www.glock.com


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    • Uploaded: 11/03/2016