Fighting Against ISIS: Robert Rose MTV's True Life



Fighting Against ISIS Robert Rose MTV's True Life. A Conversation with American YPG member Robert Rose, a Single Father from the Bronx, New York featured on MTV's True Life Reality Show airing October 25th 2016. The Episode is titled "I Want to go Fight ISIS" because he's on his 3rd tour in Syria fighting with the Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Units) the main armed service of the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava. We met with him in Connecticut a few months ago on Standard Mfg. Co. LLC farm/shooting range to participate in part of the filming of his episode. Robert Rose' story has been featured by The Washington Times, The New York Post, the UK's Daily Mail, and NBC News. Ezidi Relief Fund: http://www.ezidirelieffund.org http://www.mtv.com/shows/true-life/episode-guide http://www.stdgun.com/

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    • Uploaded: 10/25/2016