Tiny Target Trick Shots



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Cinematography by: Capturyd http://bit.ly/capturyd Eye Protection by: ESS http://bit.ly/ESSEyePro Firearms Used: Winchester SX3 12 gauge Sporting Model http://bit.ly/WinSX3Sporting Heritage .22lr Revolver, Browning SA22 .22lr, Browning Buckmark .22lr Ammo Used: Winchester Ammunition AA 1 1/8 oz 9 shot http://bit.ly/WinAA-BassPro Winchester .22lr http://bit.ly/Win22Ammo Choke Tubes by: Trulock Chokes http://bit.ly/TrulockChokes Hearing Protection by: WildEar http://bit.ly/WildEarPro Firearms Cleaning Products by: Otis Technology http://bit.ly/OtisTec Trap Machines by: Promatic http://bit.ly/PromaticTraps Secure Firearm Travel by: TruckVault http://bit.ly/TruckVault-GouldBros Clay Targets by: White Flyer http://bit.ly/WhiteFlyer-BassPro Magazine Tube Extensions by: Nordic Components http://bit.ly/NordicComp Custom Paint by: DeadEye Liquid Graphics http://bit.ly/DeadEyeLG

    • Uploaded: 10/07/2016