SAS Tactical Survival Bow! Compact & Powerful



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The Survival Archery Systems Tactical Survival Bow is a compact folding bow designed to fit in an average daypack. It comes in its own multi-cam carrying case that also doubles as a quiver. The case can be carried by its own straps or easily lashed to any MOLLE load bearing system.

The riser and limb brackets are aluminum, treated prior to anodizing to get its dull, non-reflective surface. This special treatment also allows better paint and water transfer adhesion should you wish to camo the bow yourself.

The composite limbs are made in the US and are available in 45, 50, and 55 pound draw weights, which is indicated right on the limbs. The 55# limbs I’m using are capable of arrow speeds up to 210fps and generate plenty of kinetic energy to take game as large as an African Wildebeest.

    • Uploaded: 09/28/2016