Remington R51: Still Doesn't Work



The R51 is Remington's first attempt at a small frame semi-automatic pistol. Specifically speaking, this firearm was produced for concealed carry by those with limited dexterity using a Pedersen action (hesitation lock). The form of the weapon has also been brought up to date, sporting properly rounded surfaces, generous serrations where needed and ambidextrous controls.

That is all the good stuff we can say about it- it's a beautiful gun, but it doesn't run. The pistol was announced at the 2014 Shot Show and released to the market some months later. The initial fielding of the gun was so inundated with issues that Remington issued a recall on the pistol. The pistol featured in this video is from the new release of the pistol earlier this year (2016). As such, we cannot recommend this pistol at any price point as a tool to be used in defense of life and liberty.

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Would YOU like to see a more scientific test? or should we call the R51 Dead?

Reference materials: Military Arms Channel R51 initial Review:

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    • Uploaded: 09/19/2016