The kit that started it all!



My small molle kit is the kit that started it all. I started Medical Gear Outfitters, LLC on this kit. This kit is my small molle kit, it is a good general firstaid kit. You get kit this kit in the Condor EMT pouch or the Vanquest 4x6 FATPack. You can also buy just the supplies if you wish.

Buy Kit Here: http://shop.skinnymedic.com/Small-Molle-First-Aid-Kits_c3.htm

Refill Kit Here: http://shop.skinnymedic.com/Replacement-Packages_c6.htm

List of supplies:

(2) 5x9 Trauma Dressings (5) 4x4 Gauze Sponges (5) Butterfly Bandages (2) Band aids (1) Quik Clot sponge (2) Triangle bandages w/ safety pins (2) Rolls of 3' cling (5) Alcohol pads (2) Triple antibiotic ointment (1) One inch roll cloth tape (1) EMT scissors (4) Large non-latex gloves (1) Aspirin 325 - 2 tablets (1) Ibuprofen 200mg - 2 tablets (1) Tylenol 500mg - 2 tablets (1) Benadryl 25mg (5) Bite and Sting Pads


    • Uploaded: 08/29/2016