Short Range Rifle Target- Gen II!



To learn more about the SRRT, visit http://twangnbang.net/2016/08/shootsteel-com-short-range-rifle-target-gen-ii/.

Camo pattern on the BCM SBR is called Tiger Stripe Desert Digital done by Adaptive Graphx.

The Gen II short range rifle target from shootsteel.com might look like an ordinary steel target, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. First off, it’s made specifically to handle 556, 7.62x39, and 308 at relatively close ranges.

The forward angle is the key- it’s there not to prevent fragments from hitting the shooter- it’s actually there to protect the steel from the damage of direct bullet impacts. However, unlike their first generation target, this target actually swings to provide visual feedback for your hits and misses.

The mounting bracket pivots on a carriage bolt, but it won’t allow the target to tilt beyond vertical so that you don’t end up skipping headshots off the range. This is where the target’s full auto rating comes from that is lacking from similar designs.

Shootsteel.com makes the target out of AR550 steel, which is even harder than the AR500 steel used in most targets. All hardware is Grade 8 to withstand bullet impacts and cutting from fragmentation.

Though the steel is warranted for use up to 25 yards, shootsteel.com recommends a minimum distance of 50 yards for non-law enforcement or military users. Basically, if you shoot closer than that, you simply must accept the increased risk of getting hit by fragmentation, which is something that can happen with any steel target regardless.

    • Uploaded: 08/28/2016