KRISS Vector with Stabilizing Brace! Is it worth it?



For more information, visit http://twangnbang.net/2016/08/kriss-vector-pistol-with-stabilizing-brace/.

The KRISS Vector seems to be everywhere, largely due to the scifi aesthetics borne from its Super V recoil system. In case you aren’t already familiar with the Vector, it’s a pistol caliber firearm available in configurations ranging from select fire submachine guns to carbines to this new pistol outfitted with a stabilizing brace. 9mm, 357 SIG, 40 S&W, and even 10mm variants are available in addition to the 45ACP shown here.

All variants share the same Super V recoil system, which is located vertically behind the magwell. It’s been tested to a sustained 1500 rounds per minute rate of fire, so you aren’t going to outrun the trigger in this semiautomatic.

The 5.5” barrel is directly in line with both the grip and what would be the buttstock in the carbine or SBR variants, but that also means it’s directly in line with the anchor of the stabilizing brace. Threaded and unthreaded versions are available, so make sure you specify which one you want when purchasing.

The lower barrel position also means the Vector has a very large ejection port, which both reduces the chance of malfunctions as well as providing easier access for inspecting the action and clearing malfunctions.

    • Uploaded: 08/14/2016