Ethiopian ZH-29 and Czech Experimental Z-37



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The ZH-29 was an influential early semiautomatic military rifle, although not one that saw any significant adoption. As best I can tell, only two countries purchased them in any quantity: China and Ethiopia. This ZH-29 is an Ethiopian contract example, with an Ethiopian Lion of Judah on the receiver and stock. The other rifle we are looking at today is a further iteration of the ZH-29 that was tested by the Czech military - the Z-37. This rifle shows a few relatively minor alterations from the standard pattern:

Rear sight attached at back rather than front Bolt handle changed from round knob to hook Safety moved from trigger guard to rear of receiver Front sight and bayonet lug pinned to barrel and made separate from the gas block Barrel weight increased

An interesting glimpse into the changes requested by the Czech trials board before finally rejecting the design.


    • Uploaded: 08/21/2016