Welcome to the New Range



VSO is moving into a new phase in its faculties enhancement. The driving force behind this is development of a range capable of supporting our daily media workload AND introduction of a course curriculum. We have been blessed to attend a plethora of training courses both commercially accessible and specialized, and we want to give back.

Welcome to the new VSO. 100K GAW:https://www.full30.com/video/50b94dc78b454b5df95fcf5241102c4f

This video shows 90% completion of what we have dubbed phase 3- the Transformation of the main range plain into a lateral range capable of supporting high-volume handgun drills.

Also shown is 50% completion of phase 4- the establishment of a linear 100 yrd rifle range capable of supporting sustained small arms fire and tandem team movements.

Special thanks to those that helped us build it:

Tactical Walls: Save 5% enter Code "VSO" at checkout http://tacticalwalls.com

Henry Repeating Arms. 'Merican Made! https://www.henryrifles.com

ZQI Ammunition: NATO Spec ammo http://zqiammo.com/

Century Arms, the original American Made AK http://vsomedia.org/century-arms/

Silencer shop, End the noise: https://www.youtube.com/user/SilencerShop

Midwest Industries: Lightest Kit on the Market: http://vsomedia.org/midwest-industries/

Freedom Munitions: https://www.youtube.com/user/FearTheFree

AR500 Steel Targets by ShootSteel.com 10% off with Code "VSO" http://www.shootsteel.com

    • Uploaded: 08/08/2016