375 SOCOM Introduction



A quick, short intro of the new 375 SOCOM from Tromix Lead Delivery Systems. This quiet and powerful platform will be available very soon. It is already supported by a few ammunition companies. In subsonic loads it is "scary" quiet, while retaining plenty of muzzle energy. Our test gun is outfitted with a Vortex scope, a Bowers Group VERS9S Suppressor and a LAW Tactical folding stock adapter. Links below. Watch as future tests explore performance, accuracy, energy, penetration and more!

www.Bigshooterist.com www.Facebook.com/GunTestVids www.YouTube.com/Bigshooterist

Rifle http://www.tromix.com/

Scope http://www.vortexoptics.com/

Suppressor http://www.bowersgroup.com/

Folding Stock Adapter http://www.lawtactical.com/

    • Uploaded: 08/04/2016