CETME L - Build Step 2 - De-Milling Your Kit




Part 2 of our continuing tutorial series on building the CETME-L rifle using a parts kit and receiver flat (plus a few extra parts) made by Hill & Mac Gunworks. We have divided up the process into 10-15 minutes segments, and one will post each day until the series is complete.

This is a project that requires some patience and mechanical dexterity, but it is well within the reach of the typical handy person with a few tools in the garage - and it is pretty much the only way to get one of these quite scarce CETME-L rifles. Check out the tutorial series and if it looks like something you want to do yourself, you can get the necessary parts from Hill & Mac here:

Parts kit w/ barrel, 922(r) parts, weldments, and receiver flat Bending jig

    • Uploaded: 08/06/2016