Liberty Suppressors Centurion! Compact 9mm Silencer



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Designed around the popular Mystic X, the Centurion is a compact silencer designed specifically for optimal suppression wet or dry on 9mm hosts.

The Centurion itself is 5.3” long and only 7.9oz. Add the included 1/2-28 booster assembly, and the can measures 6.5” and only 12.5oz. As you would expect, the Centurion is compatible with all of the Mystic X and Infiniti mounting solutions and pistons, which is especially handy for me since I own one of each of those, as well.

The Centurion mono core is also based on that of the Mystic X, made of the same stainless steel. However, due to its shorter length and decreased volume, the Centurion is only rated to pistol caliber pressures. Since it breaks down for cleaning, it’s also rated for 22LR.

    • Uploaded: 07/25/2016