Virtual Tour: Cody Firearms Museum



The Cody Firearms Museum is a part of the Buffalo Bill Center for the West, and one of the very best firearms museums in the US (if not the world). It incorporates a number of substantial donated collections, the most impressive of them being the Winchester factory collection. Thanks to this, the museum has a fantastic array of Winchester production and prototype arms, as well as an extensive archive of factory documentation and correspondence. Unlike many museums, it also makes a concerted effort to actually display as much of its collection as possible - currently approximately 4,000 of its 7,000 weapons are visible to the public.

A project is in progress to completely renovate the galleries, bringing yet more of the collection into displays, and improving the interpretation and information presented with the guns. I'm really excited to see that process take shape; I think there is a tremendous potential for it to to really set a bold standard for arms museums everywhere. The Curator, Ashley Hlebinsky, is an energetic and passionate advocate for the institution (I will be posting an interview with her next Monday), and has a great vision for the institution!

Whatever finds you in Wyoming or Montana, the Cody Firearms Museum is a must-see stop for anyone interested in firearms history and development.

    • Uploaded: 07/04/2016