Arrow Shooting Rifle! Benjamin Pioneer Airbow



For more information about the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow and to save $100 off MSRP: http://goo.gl/2wzAe1

Rifles that shoot arrows sound like they’re straight out of a spy movie or science fiction, but they’ve actually been a reality in one form or another for quite some time. However, Benjamin brings us the first commercially viable arrow slinging airgun in the new Pioneer Airbow.

Based on the Benjamin Bulldog air rifle, the Airbow has a 33.5” long bullpup form factor that makes it very maneuverable for its 7 pound weight. Its onboard 3000 psi reservoir feeds an integrated pressure regulator to allow 8 shots at full power per fill.

The Airbow is only available as a package, complete with three arrows, a 6x40mm scope with an adjustable objective and a mutli-subtension reticle, scope rings, a Picatinny-mountable quiver, and a padded sling. Due to the increased drop of even these blistering arrows compared to bullets, Benjamin also includes a Picatinny riser that elevates the bore 20 MOA into your sight line.

    • Uploaded: 06/23/2016