CMMG Anvil 458 SOCOM! Mid-Sized AR



2mm ball end screwdriver seen in the video for adjusting the gas block can be bought here for about $10: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002M3D2OE?ie=UTF8&tag=t0782-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B002M3D2OE

The CMMG Anvil is a 458 SOCOM built on a modified large-frame AR receiver set. CMMG is actually calling this platform mid-sized because the receivers are shortened in the rear by three quarters of an inch and the deeply-flared magwell is designed for standard sized AR mags only. This results in a complete rifle weighing a moderate 7.5 pounds without optic.

This is the XBE variant, complete with a Magpul CTR stock and MOE pistol grip and a crisp single stage mil-spec trigger. The XBE2 replaces this trigger with a Geissele SSA, and the budget oriented T series runs a mil spec trigger with mil spec plastic.

The 16” barrel is nitrided 416 stainless steel with a 1 in 14 inch twist to work with both supersonic and subsonic loads. Threaded 5/8 by 32, the muzzle is capped with a CMMG SV muzzle brake to tame the famed recoil of the 458 SOCOM.

In testing, CMMG discovered that standard AR15 magazines were not as reliable as they wanted with the larger bolt face of the Anvil, so they modify Lancer L5 mags specifically for this rifle. Though rated at 10 rounds, I had no problems loading 11 rounds and firing them all without malfunction. One magazine comes with the Anvil, though additional mags will be available through CMMG’s website or their dealer network.

MSRP starts at $1,850 with all variants backed by CMMG’s lifetime quality guarantee.

    • Uploaded: 06/15/2016