Keep your Weapon Mounted Light Clean



In this quick tip we go over a simple method to keep your weapon mounted light clean during your range and practice sessions. Often times during training or other shooting drills your weapon mounted light will become caked and covered with carbon and powder fouling leaving a dark film that dims the light. The crud can be stubborn and a pain to clean off plus it can make the light worthless if you need to go back on duty. By using this quick tip before your range session the light can be good as new in seconds with a quick wipe. This tip has been around a long time and we aren't the ones who invented it. However we were surprised at the number of students and shooters who weren't aware about it so we are hoping to spread the word. Please note we aren't taking credit for this, just sharing a great idea. Thanks for watching!

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Thanks for watching!

    • Uploaded: 05/26/2016