Ammo Quest .380_ACP: Winchester Ranger-T bare gel test



(from Jul 2013)

Second in a series of a quest to find the overall best ammunition for a Taurus TCP 738 micro-compact 380 ACP pistol. Using the ClearBallistics gel as a test medium, I will be putting several of today's most popular hollowpoints to the test, determining how well they penetrate and expand into the ballistics gel when fired from the TCP. In this second installment, I am testing Winchester Ranger-T 95-grain jacketed hollow points.

I am chronographing the rounds as well as firing five rounds per block so that we get a more statistically relevant result, rather than the typical ammo test where only one round is fired. Ammo can behave a bit unpredictably, and the results of any one bullet are in no way representative of how the ammunition performs overall. In this test, I got huge penetration differences, with one round stopping at 8.13" and another traveling 21.88"! That's why, for real representative results, you need to shoot multiple rounds to gather a more relevant statistical sample. Five rounds isn't a lot, but it's about all you can reasonably fit in a single block of ballistic gel, and five rounds are vastly more representative than one.

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    • Uploaded: 05/14/2016