Judge Public Defender Review, Part 1: Claims vs Reality



(from Aug 2013)

A detailed and comprehensive examination of the Taurus Judge Public Defender, addressing some of the common misconceptions. In this video, I put the judge to the test to examine how it performs with birdshot, buckshot, and Judge-specific rounds of ammo. Specific tests include:

Comparison against 12-gauge Effectiveness of the Public Defender using .410 shotgun ammo Patterning with birdshot and buckshot Effectiveness of Judge-specific ammo, including ClearBallistics ballistic gelatin tests Effectiveness of birdshot as self-defense ammo Comparison of Judge as a shotgun, vs. the Springfield XDS using CCI shotshells Evaluation of what roles the Judge is best suited for

Part 1 of the review covers the use of the .45 Colt rounds in the Public Defender.

Part II covers the use of shotgun ammo in the Public Defender, and the use of specific Judge rounds (ammo that was made specifically for the Judge).

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    • Uploaded: 05/13/2016