45 ACP vs 454 Casull: Raging Judge Magnum & Glock 21



(from Sep 2013)

The Glock 21, shooting .45 ACP, is a serious, potent handgun. It's a full-size "duty weapon", with a 4.6" barrel, and I shot top-of-the-line Federal Premium HST +P rounds into some ClearBallistics synthetic ballistic gelatin for one of my earlier videos. This is one of the most significant, biggest-expanding, powerful, damaging manstopper rounds you can get in a conventional handgun, and it does a substantial amount of damage in the gel block.

I had the Raging Judge Magnum out at the range, and decided to see what a round of .454 Casull Speer Handgun Hunting ammo would do to the same ballistic gelatin.

The results are entertaining, to say the least. The .454 Casull picks up the 18-lb block of gelatin and shakes it like a terrier. It totally flings the first block in the air, and pushes a second 18-lb block totally off the screen. And that doesn't even begin to mention the explosion that happens in the block -- whatever that is!

The size of the temporary cavity is so huge in the .454 Casull round, that you have to believe that it's producing enough damage to rip and shred flesh just by the stretching action, just like a rifle would. Considering that the .454 Casull is 300 grains of lead impacting at about 1600 feet per second, that's definitely in rifle territory, so it makes sense.

Note: I'm not advocating using a .454 Casull for personal defense or personal protection. I wrote up a blog article here with a little more info. http://shootingthebull.net/blog/how-effective-is-a-hit-from-a-raging-judge/

    • Uploaded: 05/13/2016