Taurus Raging Judge Ammo Test: Gold Dot 250 grain .45 Colt



(from Dec 2013)

The Taurus Judge and Smith & Wesson Governor .410/.45 revolver handguns can also use .45 Colt and regular .410 shotgun ammunition. In this video I explore one of the self-defense rounds made for .45 Colt, the Speer Gold Dot 250-grain GDHP, part #23984.

Gold Dots in .45 Colt are rated on their website at 750 feet per second, from a 5.5" barrel. In my testing, they were slightly slower, clocking in at an average of 746 feet per second despite using a longer 6.5" barrel from the Raging Judge Magnum.

Occasionally bullets in the ClearBallistics gelatin will display some "bounceback", where they don't stay at their farthest penetration but instead bounce off the end of their travel and settle somewhere closer. In this test you can see examples of significant bounceback. For cases like that, I use Charles Schwartz's Quantitative Ammunition Selection formulas to compensate and restore the true penetration depths. For more info on Schwartz's book, see www.quantitativeammunitionselection.com.

Note: I'm not making any claims for these videos other than that these are the results I achieved, in my own testing, from the stated pistol(s). I have no intention to make a blanket endorsement or indictment of any product, only to review and report what I found in a given instance. Obviously it is incumbent upon each individual to conduct their own research and make up their own mind about which defensive ammunition is best for their own purposes, in their own firearms.

The standards I use to judge bullet performance are the standards established at the 1987 and 1993 Wound Ballistics Conferences, and subsequently adopted by the FBI.

    • Uploaded: 05/12/2016