Glock 42 .380 vs 9mm ammo test: Hornady Critical Defense



(from Feb 2014)

This is the third video in my three-part series evaluating the ballistic performance of the Glock 42. In Part I, I tested the best-performing overall round from my .380 Ammo Quest for short-barreled micro-pistols. In Part II, I tested some ammo that hadn't performed very well from the tiny-barreled micro-pistol, to see how the performance might increase from the longer barrel of the Glock 42. In this part III, I am comparing the ballistic performance of Hornady Critical Defense ammo from the Glock 42 and from a comparably-sized 9mm pistol, the Sig P938.

In this test I'm using the ClearBallistics.com synthetic ballistic gelatin.

The test pistol was a Glock 42, with 3.25" barrel, and a Sig P938 with a 3.0" barrel.

Note: I'm not making any claims for these videos other than that these are the results I achieved, in my own testing, from the stated pistol. I have no intention to make a blanket endorsement or indictment of any product, only to review and report what I found in a given instance. Obviously it is incumbent upon each individual to conduct their own research and make up their own mind about which defensive ammunition is best for their own purposes, in their own firearms. Also keep in mind that individual firearms can be persnickety; my G42 may feed a particular round consistently whereas your G42 might jam on those rounds, so -- please conduct your own testing before trusting any particular ammo.

For further reading and future reference, visit the blog post at http://shootingthebull.net/blog/final-results-of-the-380-acp-ammo-quest/. There you will find reference tables, pictures, and links to all the tests.

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    • Uploaded: 05/11/2016