.22LR Ammo Quest: extensive mega test from NAA mini-revolver



(from Jun 2014)

This is Part II of my two-part review of the North American Arms .22LR mini-revolver, with 1 1/8" barrel.

In this video, I explore over two dozen types of .22LR ammo, to find what would be most suitable for self-defense use in an NAA mini-revolver with 1 1/8" barrel. I use 10% organic calibrated ballistic gelatin and ClearBallistics synthetic ballistic gel blocks.

After extensive testing, I can say that the mini-revolver is capable of either astonishingly good performance, or pathetic performance, depending on the ammo used. The best ammo tested delivered performance that almost met the FBI penetration requirements through bare gel, which is, frankly, incredible from a tiny mini-sized revolver with a barrel that's barely over 1" long.

The results are posted in tabulated form on the blog at http://shootingthebull.net/blog/naa-22lr-mini-revolver-ammo-quest-results/

    • Uploaded: 05/11/2016