Buffalo Bore .45 Colt ammo test from 3 Taurus Judges



(from Apr 2014)

This is an ammo test to help demonstrate just how much of an effect different barrel lengths have, on ammo performance.

In this test I'll be using Buffalo Bore .45 Colt 200-grain JHP ammo (Buffalo Bore part #3F), from three different Judges: the 2"-barrel Public Defender, the 6.5"-barrel Raging Judge Magnum, and the 18.5"-barrel Circuit Judge.

The ammo is rated on the box (or on their site) at 1100 fps, but it doesn't say what barrel length that's from. In this testing, the 2" barrel delivered 911 fps, the 6.5" barrel delivered 1,072 fps, and the 18.5" barrel delivered 1,199 fps.

This video isn't intended to be a formal review of the Buffalo Bore ammo; instead it's merely using this ammo to demonstrate what happens to ammo when it's shot at velocities that differ widely from what it was designed for. All ammo has a "window" of velocity within which it will expand and operate properly; when ammo is driven too slowly it may not have enough velocity to expand properly, and when it's driven too fast it may deform or even come apart.

    • Uploaded: 05/11/2016