22LR Three-Barrel Test #1: Velocitor/SSS/PowerPoint/Supermaximum



(from Oct 2014)

I've been testing many types of ammo from short-barrel guns, and I tested a lot of .22LR from a tiny North American Arms (NAA) mini-revolver, and it became obvious that ammo can perform very differently from different-length barrels. Sometimes a round can be fantastic from a rifle, and terrible from a handgun (or, the other way around.)

Accordingly, I'm going to be conducting a series of three-barrel tests where I put the same ammo through three different guns with widely varying barrel lengths. The guns for this testing are: 1) a North American Arms mini-revolver with 1 1/8" barrel; 2) a Bersa Thunder 22 with a 3.5" barrel, and 3) a Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle with a 16" barrel.

The testing consists of firing multiple rounds of each ammo into a block of ClearBallistics synthetic ballistic gelatin, to determine the velocity, penetration, and expansion characteristics of each ammo type, from each gun.

In this first round of testing, I'm reviewing: 1) CCI Velocitors, a hyper-velocity 40-grain hollowpoint 2) Aguila SuperMaximum, a hyper-velocity 30-grain hollowpoint 3) Aguila Sniper Subsonic, a low-velocity heavy 60-grain solid 4) Winchester Power Point, a standard-velocity 40-grain hollowpoint

    • Uploaded: 05/10/2016