460XVR .460 XVR Revolver Review, Hornady Custom 200gr Ammo Test



Got a chance to spend a bit of time with a Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR revolver. This video is a brief look at the .460 S&W revolver, and an ammo test of the .460 S&W Hornady Custom 200-grain FTX hollowpoint ammo, through ballistic gelatin.

Note: I didn't bother with denim, since the .460 S&W is not generally a caliber that one would likely be using for personal or home defense against human attackers. It is generally used as for handgun hunting or for protection against large dangerous predators (such as bears) or other large dangerous wildlife (such as elk or moose). And, generally, bears and elk and moose don't wear denim, so -- what's the point?

The hollowpoint was an interesting round which created a lot of initial damage, but didn't really penetrate deep enough to guarantee a hit against the vitals of a very large predator such as a brown bear, or against a dangerous large animal such as a moose. You would probably be better off with a good solid hardcast bullet for defense against such animals.

    • Uploaded: 05/10/2016