10mm DoubleTap 165-grain Bonded JHP Ammo Test



(from April 11, 2015)

After converting my Glock 21 to 10mm, I've tested a few different rounds from it. I had a box of DoubleTap bonded hollowpoints, and thought they deserved a chance.

At the time I did this test, I didn't know that this ammo was loaded with Speer Gold Dot bullets. I'm not 100% certain that these are actually Gold Dots, but -- I'm about 99.8% certain that they are. And a Gold Dot, loaded hot by DoubleTap, and fired from a 10mm full-size pistol -- that's a combination I certainly wanted to see tested!

In this test, I fired four bullets into a gel block; two through bare gel, and two through denim. I couldn't do any more, since the block was so torn up by the initial stretch cavities that there just wasn't space to put more shots in the block.

Unfortunately, one of the bare-gel bullets exited the side of the block at about 14". The remaining bare bullet and the two denim bullets performed extremely well. All the bullets penetrated deeply, and the denim bullets showed ideal expansion. The bare-gel bullet showed signs of overexpansion and looked like it came close to ripping apart, but didn't.

The purpose of this testing is to find which rounds of ammo perform well enough that they can reliably deliver the penetration (with expansion) that has been documented and proven necessary in order for the bullet to be able to reach the vital organs of an attacker and deliver an incapacitating hit.

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    • Uploaded: 05/09/2016