12-Gauge Shotgun Slug test: Brenneke Black Magic Short Magnum



(from August 2014)

I recently tested the Remington Slugger 12-gauge slug as part of a test of some DoubleTap ammo choices in .454 Casull. While the Slugger was really impressive, I had heard enough good things about the Brenneke Black Magic slug that I wanted to try them out.

In this video I test the Brenneke USA Black Magic Short Magnum 12-gauge 1-ounce shotgun slug in 2 3/4" shell size. They are rated on the box for 1560 fps. That's the same weight and speed rating for the Slugger, although in my test of the Slugger it only delivered an observed 1302 fps; this Brenneke slug traveled at a much faster 1455 fps.

The Brenneke slug was an outstanding performer, delivering higher velocity, it threw the 20-pound gel block higher in the air, and delivered more overall damage than the Slugger.

Note: I'm not making any claims for these videos other than that these are the results I achieved, in my own testing, from the stated pistol(s). I have no intention to make a blanket endorsement or indictment of any product, only to review and report what I found in a given instance. Obviously it is incumbent upon each individual to conduct their own research and make up their own mind about which defensive ammunition is best for their own purposes, in their own firearms. Also keep in mind that individual firearms can be persnickety; my gun may feed a particular round consistently whereas yours might not work as well with those rounds, so -- please conduct your own testing before trusting any particular ammo.

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    • Uploaded: 05/10/2016